Discover The Healing Power of Horses

Discover The Healing Power of Horses

North East Ohio

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Silver-Lining-Partners-Equestrian Therapy Class in Ohio

Build assertiveness and self-confidence in working with horses. Through various exercises find clarity in the understanding of boundaries, self-respect, and self-empowerment. Vital Skills at the foundation of a healthy & happy lifestyle.

Silver Lining Partners Equestrian Therapy Classes in Ohio

Build upon seven emotional health skills necessary for personal and professional relationships. These skills include respect, responsibility, boundaries, empathy, choices, and action consequences. Gain insight while working with equine & mental health specialists in a non-threatening atmosphere.

A customized class tailored for individuals, groups or corporations. Build communication in team building exercises, learn assertiveness, self-confidence, problem-solving, self-awareness, stress management, and leadership skills. Reach personal or professional goals while learning in an interesting and fun way with horses.

Passionate & Proven Instructors

Joan has been around horses her entire life. She is a Certified Equine Trainer who has experience working with many different breeds and all types of riders.

Joan became certified in 2009 at the Lyons Legacy school in Colorado. One she returned she formed JS Horsemanship LLC and started her career at Hour Glass Farms in North East Ohio. Her work consisted of starting colts going to the track and training ones coming off to be used as riding horses. During this time she quickly developed into a proven and sought-after instructor.

Joan is passionate about helping horses, their owners, and others to communicate effectively and develop a good working relationship. She believes strongly in the diverse benefits and self-healing that is taught through EAGALA training and offered by Silver Lining Therapy.

Diane is a licensed professional counselor with over twenty years experience counseling children, adolescents, and adults in diverse settings including agencies, schools, community settings, and private practice. She was introduced to Equine Assisted Learning in 2016 when she attended a comprehensive training and certification in the EAGALA model. Diane discovered the power of the horses to positively impact change and healing. She learned that horses are sensitive to nonverbal communication and respond in the moment. This gives clients the opportunity to learn about themselves and realize the way they are coming across in this form of communication.

Diane is enthusiastic about horses abilities to heal and transform people’s lives.

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